S1E22 - Inner Critic Archetype #1 - Are you a Perfectionist?

Calling all perfectionists! Let's talk about the nagging inner critic in your heads

4 months ago

Episode Notes

Your inner critic. That annoying, negative destructive tape that your mind loves to play over and over again, to bring you down, trample on your self-esteem and destroy your self-worth.

There are 7 inner critic archetypes and we will be exploring The Perfectionist archetype in this episode. If you have a heavy perfectionist streak, you aren't alone, due to the hustle culture we live in, we are all expected to be Perfect in every aspect of our lives. I hope this episode inspires you to reflect on the messages you received as a child and the subconscious beliefs you've accumulated along the way on being perfect.

Remember - you are good enough, you don't have to be perfect to be worthy.

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